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We provide the best service to improve customer's competitiveness
by "diagnosis + design + build + integration" of optimal IT system
that meets the business environment and requirements of the industry.

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Manufacturing Execution System

SMART-i MES Manufacturing Execution System

Production planning Work instructions · Material procurement ·
Production tracking · Facility management · Efficiency analysis
to provide services to increase the efficiency of production management.

RFID MiddleWare

SMART-i RFID Radio Frequency Identification

In addition to the RFID service provided by the operating system or application software, we provide additional services.

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SMART-i EES Equipment Engineering System

It is a solution that relays various Data generated from facilities such as HMI, PLC to EES.
It connects 200,000 Data per second to EES, and there are also products that provide DB2DB I/F for TMS.

Specialized System Development

In addition to general processes, we provide specialized system for each Business and Industry and Middleware S/W application services.

· Cargo Information Network Integrated Management System
Service that provides real-time cargo and vehicle information to Brokers, Shippers, Transportation Merchants and Car Owners.

· MPS (Multi Purpose System)
Multi Purpose Classification System that reduces human errors and improves work efficiency and convenience by automatically notifying workers of the corresponding product and quantity during work such as Receipt / Delivery / Inventory Identification.

· PTS (Port Transportation System)
Provides various services such as Order, Distribution, Settlement, EDI and Inventory Management of Container Bases required for Container Logistics.

· BHVMS (Bulk Harbor Volume Management System)
Have Patented System to support real-time management of changes in bulk cargo volume.