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Smart Factory


Facility Intelligent Monitoring & Control System

SMART-i FIMCS Facility Intelligent Monitoring & Control System

FIMCS Provides integrated monitoring system and
consulting for systematic monitoring/control of on-site facilities.

SOP Integrated Monitoring System

SMART-i SOP Standard Operating Procedure

It is linked with SMART-I FIMCS in real time and managed alarm and emergency occurrence history of facilities and utilities through the system to prevent, manage human errors and accidents by supporting similar SOP in case of emergency.

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AutoSave Automation Change Management System

AutoSave provides a configuration management system that backs up sources such as PLC, Robot, and CNC periodically to reduce non-stop and loss of automation equipment such as PLC, and supports recovery through change point management.

Establish wired and wireless network

Network Network Monitoring & Secure System

We also provide consulting and installation services for wired and wireless networks that are essential for business and production environments, as well as security equipment that takes into account each workplace environment.


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Automatic control construction and network construction

We provide complete design and installation of facilities and facilities for each process with know-how of construction related to many information and communication corporations.

CCR and integrated control system construction

CCR & Construction CCR & Automation Control System

CCR Room and integrated control system design and system are optimized for various infrastructures.

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