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Environmental Solution

We are doing business in all areas of environmental TMS such as Design,
Measuring Device Delivery and Installation, Data Logger, FEP, Monitoring System, TMS Construction, etc.



DT-WEBTMS WEB Tele-Monitoring System

We support the best TMS monitoring service
with real time web monitoring of all water/air TMS
and remote support and alarm system (Mail, SMS, alarm).

enterprise Web Integrated Monitoring System (Legacy system Interface)
standard Web Monitoring System (Legacy system Interface)

SMART-i TMS Data Logger

DTDL-3800A/W, DTDL-280A/W (Server Level, PC Level) Data Logger for TMS

SMART-i TMS Data Logger displays the measured values and various status values from the water quality meter or the atmospheric meter.
It provides stable and high-availability hardware specifications and the technology that is reflected by various users' demand.




DTFEP-500HA (Server level, PC level) Front End Processor for TMS

When more than one Stack, Smart-i TMS FEP displays the estimated,
and status value of each individual Datalogger.
It also provides basic functions according to the air pollution process test method and functions reflecting the needs of various users.

It implemented HA (High Availablity) for the first time in Korea, to able respond in case of emergency.

SMART-i TMS Gateway

DT-GATEWAY TMS Communication System

SMART-i TMS GW is installed in SMART-i TMS (Standard),
which communicates with Datalogger and SMART-i TMS (Enterprise).
It provides middleware configured to collect various status and analysis data.



Integrated Weather Information Monitoring System

SMART-i WIS Weather Information System

It is a solution to control Weather Information and Earthquake Information at the same time. Gathering Data through DB2DB, Sensor Communication and Modbus Communication for Weather Information, and Seismometer collects Earthquake Data through a separate Seismograph interlocking protocol.

SKID Panel


Gather equipment, piping, panels, electric instruments in modularization of measuring equipment, frame made of section steel to construct in one equipment.

skid panel